Making an Appointment:

This section of the website is dedicated to new patients. We don’t want going to a new chiropractic office to be a stressful experience, we want it to be as easy on you as possible. With this in mind, we have created the New Patient Center. This Center will allow you to view, print and fill out the new patient paperwork required for you first physical and exam. It also allows you to read about all of the techniques, therapies, and services offered by Victory Chiropractic before you get here. This will give you an idea of how we do things and what to expect at Victory Chiropractic. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to call our office.

What to expect:

Inter-segmental traction table

On your first visit to Victory Chiropractic, you will be given a new patient information packet and a physical exam. Both the paperwork and physical are standard and very thorough. These tools allow Dr. McBee determine the best course of treatment for you.  Dr. McBee always takes time during each visit to explain his findings, ensure you understand why/how your treatment will progress, and answer your questions.  Each patient and their needs are unique.  This process allows you and Dr. McBee to work together toward creating a healthier you.

You will be treated on your first visit after your physical.  Additionally, your first visit includes a session on the inter-segmental traction table prior to treatment. This therapy not only helps your spine health and symptoms but in many cases, allows your body to more easily accept the adjustment and hold the adjustment longer.  After your first visit, this therapy will still be an option at its regular price.  Chiropractic treatment will be performed using an Activator instrument or one of many manual techniques.

New Patient Forms:

For your convenience, you may download and complete our new patient information forms. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions before your visit.

New Patient Information Form